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This Is Awesome!
I Cant Wait To Test It On My List.

I confess. I really wasnt expecting to hear this from my new client.

There was a dirty little secretshe didnt know.

Ive decided to tell you exactly what it is.

But first-I need to back-up and tell you the first part of this story.

I started out as a freelance copywriter around 2006. After the usual copywriting courses and paying big bucks to a fancy guruI thought I was ready for the big time. So I quit my security job, cold turkey!!

Hey, it was all good at the start. I picked up clients and everybody was happy like little clams. Then I fell into the rookie copywriter trap. Whoops, I forgot to market myself, starting at the crack of dawn til midnight. Okay maybe thats stretching itjust a bit.

So I started searching online for regular work and found an interesting gig. The client needed a short sales letter. No biggie, I could do that with my eyes shut. Then she popped the question: Can you write an autoresponder series for me?

Autoresponder? Okay, this is what all the courses and Mr. Guru, said would happen someday. Now what was I supposed to say? Oh yes, I remember now.

Well, I have never written one before, but I feel quite certain that I can do it. I replied with as much confidence as I could muster.

Great, she replied. Ill email you the details.

I sat and stared at my computer. Autoresponder, what the heck is that and who can I call for help, I thoughtknowing that there wasnt a help line for newbie copywriters.

Then it hit me. Big time. Just Google it and look for a sample. Brilliant deduction, Sherlock!

Flash forward to a couple days after our phone call. Ive sent her a 10 part autoresponder and Im waiting for the police to come and pick me up. I can just hear them saying, excuse me sir, handcuffs for youwe understand you have been masquerading as a freelance copywriter.

Checking the trusty emails, I see her name and start to tense up. Then I read the  first line and take off my glasses to rub my eyes. My client is gushing over this 10 part autoresponder. Impossible, but true.

I Was Yust Going To The Yiberry!!

Whoa, I just threw a pattern interrupt at you. Now Ive got you at full attention. Red alert!

When my sister was very small, she knew how to get our attention. Everyone would be sitting in the kitchen and she would go prancing bywearing her Sunday best.

Hey, where are you going Heather? I would ask, while looking
at her pillbox hat and pink bag. Then she would start talking like
she was the Swedish chef on the muppets. Bork, bork, yust going out.
She would most definitely grab our attention-just like Ive got yours.

What about your list? Do you have their attention?

Are they reading every word on your autoresponder, like their very
life depended on it. If Im writing it for you, they will be. Doesnt matter
what you are promotingyour folks are going to read and click.

Why is that you ask?

Well its a few things that you are probably missing right now in your autoresponder.

*Are you telling a story?
*Appealing to their desire to avoid pain and gain pleasure?
*Using indirect persuasion as an alternative to hype?
*Speaking directly to your target market, like a friend?

If you are not doing this, chances are they are deleting your autoresponder before they finish the first couple of sentences.

When that happens, someone else gets their cash. Someone who knew it was a smart idea to hire a great copywriter.

Lets face it. People are hurting and looking for help. They want to find a solution to their money problems. The people on your list, probably belong to lists of five or moreinternet marketers, just like you.

So who you gonna call, when you want the money flowing into your bank account? Put down that phone if you said, cheap copywriter at such and such content site. Hire that dude and youll need someone like me to fix the copy.

Now before you get all worked up and start running big $$$ signs through your head Im not that expensive. Lets clear up a couple of things though. Im not a by the hour copywriter. I work by project fee and Im easy to work with and talk to.There is one pet peeve I should warn you about. I detest what I call TireKickers.  They are everywhere.

So heres what you need to do, if you are serious about hiring me to write for you. Doesnt matter if its an autoresponder series or some other form of copy. Drop me an email with some brief details. Avoid the phone if possible. Voicemail sometimes turns out a bit garbled and if I cant make you out or the call display doesnt give me a callback number-well we are both out of luck.

I answer emails, usually within an hour or two of receiving them, unless Im working out or down by the river watching the hawks hunt for food. I will get back to you and then setup a phone call if need be. So I look forward to having a chat in the near future.

Best Regards,

p.s. You can still grab a free copy of my report on websites by going to the opt-in box at the upper right hand corner.

p.p.s. I have six blogs on the go, with plans for more. I have a pretty busy schedule, however I wont insult your intelligence by telling you that I only have one slot available for a new client and you have one hour to jump on it. Lets talk and see when you need your project completed.

p.p.p.s. Did you catch the part where I used indirect-persuasion?

James Brown
Livewiredirectmarketing Enterprises
706 Heatherwood Square
Mississauga, Ontario
Toll: 866-599-0112
direct.res "at" rogers.com
livewirecopywriter "at" gmail.com
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